June 16, 2023

Baltimore Peninsula Team Celebrates Opening Of Roost Apartment Hotel

On Friday, Baltimore Peninsula’s development team celebrated the pending opening of Method Co.’s 81-unit Roost Apartment Hotel at the $5.5B development along the city’s waterfront.

The building at 2460 Terrapin Way, designed by architect Hord Coplan Macht explicitly for long-term stays, is slated to open July 1.

“Baltimore Peninsula is well on its way to becoming an active community open to and enjoyed by all,” MAG Partners CEO MaryAnne Gilmartin said in a statement. “We have new residents moving in every day, a robust program of on-site activities for the regional community to enjoy and now we have a relaxing, amenity-filled hotel for visitors to enjoy.”

The Roost Apartment Hotel concept bridges the gap between a boutique hotel experience and apartment living. The properties include features like a full-size kitchen, balcony and full-wall windows. Additionally, Roost properties incorporate amenities like a 24/7 concierge and fitness centers with Peloton bikes.

The Baltimore Peninsula location includes furnished units between one and three bedrooms. The property also provides 20K SF of indoor and outdoor amenity space, including an open-air pool. Aumen Asner Inc. and Method Studios, Method Co.’s in-house design studio, collaborated on the interior design.

Method Co. already operates Roost properties in Philadelphia, Cleveland, Detroit and Tampa, Florida, and plans an additional location in Charleston, South Carolina.

Completing the Roost is part of what the development team calls Chapter 1B of building the 235-acre megaproject, including 1.1M SF of office, residential and retail.

The Roost will be the third residential building to open at Baltimore Peninsula, following Rye House and 250 Mission. Earlier this year, those properties started leasing their 416 apartments, including 89 affordable units.

The idea to bring the Roost concept to Baltimore Peninsula predates MAG Partners and MacFarlane Partners, which assumed the role of lead developers last year. Weller Development Partners, the project’s initial lead developer, pursued bringing the Roost concept to the development known at the time as Port Covington.

“ROOST Baltimore plays an integral role in the exciting future of Baltimore Peninsula and provides a critical foundation and unique flexibility in the hospitality and residential offerings,” Weller Development Partners President Marc Weller said in a statement. “It is wonderful to see Baltimore Peninsula come to life right before our very eyes, and ROOST is a catalyst for this continued momentum.”

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