January 7, 2020
New York Real Estate Journal

Fordham REI and Gilmartin of L&L MAG present Heroes and Champions (+ One)

On Thursday, November 14th, some of real estate’s biggest names gathered for a night of cocktails and conversation when Fordham Real Estate Institute (REI) and MaryAnne Gilmartin, co-founder and CEO of L&L MAG, presented Heroes and Champions (+ One). 

The invite-only event, held at the University’s Lincoln Center campus, celebrated the third anniversary of REI and featured a fireside chat between Gilmartin and Dr. Anthony Davidson, dean, Fordham School of Professional and Continuing Studies (PCS).

“Throughout MaryAnne’s years in real estate, you can see how much here in New York has been accomplished simply because of her vision and drive. She’s been a true friend to the Real Estate Institute and its because of her that we have been able to host numerous events focused on how woman can play more of an influential role and have an even greater impact on the real estate industry,” said Dr. Davidson. “A big part of what we do at REI, and what MaryAnne does in her own career, focuses on how we can mentor people going forward. We are grateful for the ongoing support of the real estate community, not only for our programs but for our students as well.”

During the event, Gilmartin, a Fordham alum who also serves as a special advisor to the REI Executive Advisory Council, stressed the importance of self-confidence and paying it forward by providing support to team members and mentees.

“Real estate’s a tough game, but I never did get the message that said I should be intimidated and cower with all the men around the table. I believed if I was there and I added value, I had a place. And if I knew my stuff then I could participate,” said Gilmartin. “As I grew in my career, I also recognized the importance of supporting those around you to reach their goals. It’s one of the reasons why I am involved with REI and why I look forward to conversations like the ones we had tonight.”

Heroes and Champions (+ One) was sponsored by Sound Communications and Co-Communications, Inc. 

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